Welcome to Professor Zuo's research group

We are currently carrying out research on the study of defects in III-V
semiconductor superlattices, high Tc superconductors, electron diffraction,
dynamical environmental TEM, and surfaces/interfaces of supported
Structural Properties, Electron-Imaging and
Electron Diffraction (SPEED) Group
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Members in our group learn to become experts in the preparation of materials
their characterization. We use a combination of diffraction techniques,
aberration corrected electron microscopy, synthesis, and theory to advance the
study of atomic structure. For example, in the past few years, we developed
coherent electron diffraction and imaging techniques that have enabled
structure determination of individual carbon nanotubes and nanoparticles. We
also collaborate with groups in University of Illinois and other institutes,
specializing in materials synthesis/properties and microscopy.

"Direct Observation of Interfacial Au
Atoms on TiO2 in Three-Dimensions" by
Wenpei Gao, Shankar S.  and others was
published in Nanoletters, Nano Lett.,
2015, 15 (4), pp 2548–2554, DOI:

"Growth of Au on Pt Icosahedral
Nanoparticles Revealed by Low-Dose In
Situ TEM" by Jianbo Wu, Wenpei Gao
and others was published in Nanoletters,
2015, 15 (4), pp 2711–2715, DOI:

-Structure of omega precipitates
determined, this work by Sunjin Kang,
Prof. Miyoung Kim of Seoul National and
Zuo was published in Acta Mater. 81
(2014) 501–511.

- Inititial experiment was carried out using
Hitachi H9500 and K2-IS on
transformation of icosahedral
nanoparticles by Wenpei Gao and Jianbu

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