Welcome to Professor Zuo's research group

We are carrying out research on ferroelectrics, dynamics of plastic deformation,
study of defects, electron nanodiffraction, dynamical environmental TEM, and
surfaces/interfaces of supported nanoparticles.
Structural Properties, Electron-Imaging and
Electron Diffraction (SPEED) Group
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Members in our group are trained to be experts in the preparation of materials
and their characterization. We use a combination of approaches, including
electron microscopy, synthesis, and theory to advance the study of atomic
structure. For example, in the past few years, we developed coherent electron
diffraction and imaging techniques that have enabled structure determination of
individual carbon nanotubes and nanoparticles. We also collaborate with groups
in University of Illinois and other institutes, specializing in materials
synthesis/properties and microscopy.

-Yifei Meng graduated with Ph. D from U.
Illinois and now is a postdoc at LBL,

-Yu-Tsun Shao received the presidential
scholar award from Microscopy Society of
America, congratulations!

-Renliang Yuan co-authored a paper on
"Fast Atomic-Scale Chemical Imaging of
Crystalline Materials and Dynamic Phase
Transformations" with Dr. Ping Lu of
Sandia National Laboratory, see

-Yifei Meng published his work on
three-dimensional nanostructure
determination using scanning electron
nanodiffraction, see

-Jim Zuo received an award from
SRC/Intel on study of electronic device

-Jim Zuo visisted CEMES, Toulouse, from
June 22 to July 31 in collaboration with
Florent Houdellier and Etienne Snoeck.

-Hyuk Park took a job at KLA-tencor, Bay
area, CA. He will work on instrument
development. We wish him and his family
best for the new position.

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Advanced transmission electron microscopy is an
updated and extended coverage on electron
diffraction and imaging. The book w
as published by
Springer in end of 2016.

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