Current Research Projects:

1) Nanocrystals surfaces and interfaces (NSF): The goal of the project is to
determine the surface and interface energies and their correlation with atomic
structure of selected nanostructures.

Electron nanocrystallography (DOE): Develop methods for quantifying
and mapping crystal symmetry using scanning CBED, determination of polar
domains with nanometer resolution. Study of fundamental symmetry in
technological ferroelectric crystals

Atomic and electronic structure of high Tc superconductors (EFRC):
characterization of point, line, planar and volume defects in superconductors
and their local electronic structure

Defects in type-II compound semicoductor superlattices (Army):
Understanding interplay between composition, strain and defects and their
effects in III-V heterostructures

Semiconductor device structure (Intel) Characterization strain in FinFET
Professor Jian-Min Zuo Research Group
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign