EMAPS (Electron Microscopy APplication Software)

EMAPS is a set of DOS based programs that were developed in UIUC by Jian-Min Zuo
for his group's research. Some of programs in EMAPS were used to power the popular
website WebEMAPS, which has stopped because of issues with the operating system
that supported the Web interface. The programs here provide the full simulation
capabilities of WebEMAPS and more. Specifically, the package includes BLOCH and
ZMULT for dynamical diffraction simulations using the Bloch wave and multislice

For the install, download the msi file
here and double click on the file on a windows
based PC.

To use the graphics display capability in some of the programs, the  freeware
GrWnd.exe, version 0.99.9b, must be downloaded separately, which is available
through the ESRF FTP site (
click here). Under "c. other files", download
lGrWn0999be.tgz, extract GrWnd.exe from the
compressed archive file and place a copy in the folder emaps/bin/.

There is an example folder that contains examples for each included programs. Read
the documents for each program and follow the examples to get started.


By installing this software package, you agree to following conditions:
1) The software is provided as-is without warranty of any kind;
2) The software will not be distributed except own, personal, use as permitted in article
3) The use of software is for education only, including non-profit research carried out
by students and postdocs in accredited, degree-granting, institutes.
4) Any publications based on the use of software here should cite following publication:
      J.M. Zuo and J.C. Mabon, Web-based Electron Microscopy Application Software:
      Microscopy and Microanalysis, 10(Suppl 2), 1000, 2004


The University of Illinois Board of Trustees, the Frederick Seitz, Materials
Research Laboratory, the Center for Microanalysis of Materials and the Authors
of the software are not responsible for any damage that may result from the use
or misuse of this software. Access to this software is provided as the service to
the education and non-commercial research communities. This service and its
software are provided "as-is" with no warranty made regarding the accuracy or
reliability of results or the suitability for any particular application. The user
assumes all risk associated with the usage of this service.
Professor Jian-Min Zuo Research Group
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign