The Probe, or JProbe, program is designed for interactive simulation of electron
optical properties for probe formation in Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy
(STEM) and imaging in Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM). The JProbe is a
Java version written by Eric Olson of University of Illinois. The program uses a
command window for calling/executing functions in the program and a graphics display
for display and interactive processing and feedback (see Fig. 1). (The DOS version,
Probe, is executed and controlled in a DOS command window. Interaction with display
is achieved through the use of a mouse pointer).

The Probe program has multiple functions for both Cs corrected and uncorrected
STEM/TEM. The basic functions are simulations of: 1) electron probe, 2) contrast
transfer function (CTF), 3) Ronchigram and 4) high resolution electron images (this
function is only available in the DOS version, Probe). The auxiliary functions include:
1) the input and adjustment of electron microscope optical parameters, 2) the
optimization of the electron probe, 3) calculations of the optimal defocus, and 4)
parameters for the graphics display and plotting. A list of functions can be obtained by
typing the command help.

To download the java program,
CLICK HERE, a file download dialog should appear,
save the file in a folder. Extract the folder to your desktop. Double click on the
JProbe.jar file and follow the instructions to run the program.


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